Date, Pay To, For the A/c Of, By Payment Mode, Bank, Instrument No, Instrument Date, TDS , Amount, Narration


Date, For the A/c Of, Receipt From A/c, By Payment Mode, Bank, Instrument No, Instrument Date, TDS, Amount, Narration

Debit Note

Date, DebitNote (Party),For the A/c Of, Amount, Narration.

Credit Note

Date, CeditNote (Party), For the A/c Of, Amount, Narration.

Opening Balance

Date, Ledger Name, For the A/c Of, Amount, Narration.

This comes with

Transport Management, HR Management, Fleet Management, Finance Management, Branch Management, User and Permission Management, Marketing Management , GPS,API, AI & IoT Integration , Stock, Inventory & Godown Management,

Some others features


Department, Designation,Employee registration and their relevant documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Passport, Biodata, Driving License, Basic , DA, HRA, IT, PF, Payroll, Attendance, Bio-Metric and many more...


Company Settings, Vehicle Fuel Type, Unit used, Banks, Document Type, Package Type, Vehicle & employee Insurance, Vehicle Type, Station, Services, Company Bank, Godown Creation and many more..

User & Permissions

You can make unlimited users and customise your user's permission as per your users need like Add, Edit,View, Delete, Print,Import, Export, Upload & Download.

Rent Management

Vehilce Rented to other transporter or party, From - To, Charge Wt, Gross Wt, Rate (Wt, Fixed or Box), Loading Charge, Mamul, Demurage, Unloading charge, Advance, Balance, Payable at, Arrival, Wt received, Box Received, Damaged, Torn, Okay and many more..


Date to Date Vehicle wise, Challan wise, Branch wise, Cnote wise, Arrival wise, Party wise, vehicle outstanding, Bill Outstanding, Cnote Outstanding, Advance Outstanding, Balance outstanding, GST, TDS and many more..

Automation, AI & IoT

We love to do for big transporter one who can afford the cost of automation, AI and IoT. We are ready to talk on big projects if you show your interest and willing to spend to organise your way of working.


Generate your QRCode for Diesel/Petrol Receipt to be shown at the pump for filling the fuel. It prevents forgery in the fuel theft associated with the petrol pump.

Auto Emailing

Once you activate this feature, all mails associated with Consignor/Consignee related to the consignment are auto generated and sent.

Web development

Get your website designed by our expert professional web developer. We have several different types of Templates to choose from. Get Domain of your choice,